The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District (CQCD) strives to preserve, sustain, and promote the queer history and legacy of the Castro District of San Francisco.

With this in the forefront of our minds, we believe it is absolutely time for us to show our Black, Brown, and Trans siblings how much representation matters to us on this board by raising a contemporary pride flag that prioritizes and highlights diversity & inclusivity, atop Harvey Milk Plaza.

We are committed to celebrating the trailblazing culture of art and to share a vision of hope that helps build resilience as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the racial reckoning that has been long overdue, for LGBTQ+ people in the Castro using an inclusive and empowering racial and gender equity lens.

Just as the term “Gay” was coined within our community to showcase varied historically marginalized queer populations; time and awareness called queer leaders and community stake holders to envision an acronym that builds us all up as members of a powerful LGBTQ+ coalition.

In that vein, the future flag we seek to fly proudly at the gateway of Castro’s Main Street does not take away from the legacy of Gilbert Baker and the Gay Rights movement of our queer predecessors, but honors that legacy by affirming our emerging and intersecting racial and sexual, gender and non-binary identities, while acutely addressing the current realities we collectively face today.

We all have the opportunity not only to remember the words of Harvey Milk but also embody the work and lives of countless peoples lesbian, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, two-spirit, and/or QTPOC that make this neighborhood and our movement all the more dynamic.

What starts here is only the beginning; this neighborhood, with all its diverse and varied people, has the capabilities of shifting the narrative here and beyond.

“The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District recognizes the importance of representation and visibility for our LGBTQ+ communities in the neighborhood and across the City. As the LGBTQ movement continues to evolve, we will do our part to be sure every LGBTQ person who comes to the Castro knows they are safe, celebrated and welcome. We are eager to hear from you, our neighbors, business owners, visitors and friends, about what this means and how we can be part of an inclusive and thriving Castro,” stated Elizabeth Lanyon, Co-Chair of the CQCD Advisory Board.

The CQCD will be releasing a community survey on Monday July 26th through its social media platforms and to their networks and community partners. Responses to the community survey will inform a community forum to be held in August or September 2021 and hosted by the CQCD and other community stakeholders.

The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District Advisory Board

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