Join Us: Come out and learn about our efforts to preserve and promote LGBTQ history and culture in the Castro.

The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District is being created with the intent of preserving, sustaining, and promoting the LGBTQ history and culture of the broader Castro district. The creation of the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District will highlight the structures and sites important to this history; foster racial, ethnic and cultural diversity among its residents and businesses; and create a safe, beautiful, and inclusive space for LGBTQ and allied communities, from those who call this neighborhood home to those who visit it from around the world.

We are a project of the Leather Alliance who is our fiscal sponsor and 501 ( c ) (3) charitable organization. EIN: 23-7185340 All contributions are tax deductible.
584 Castro St Unit 660 San Francisco CA 94114

64977472_904739533207576_73108744333950976_nThe Castro LGBTQ Cultural District is a living, breathing geographic and cultural area with rich political, social, economic, and historical significance to the LGBTQ community. The neighborhood has been recognized worldwide for nearly half a century as a beacon of LGBTQ liberty and an enclave for LGBTQ people to find safety, acceptance, and chosen family. The Castro has long drawn new residents and visitors from every corner of the globe who seek out the neighborhood because of its significance as a center of LGBTQ life.
The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District will help sustain this community and the Castro as a center of LGBTQ life. This is important for the movement as a whole, but also important for the Castro and for San Francisco.

How can I get involved?

Follow us on Facebook for meeting announcements and updates from the committee, or join our mailing list here. You can send us a message on our contact form or to  contact@castrolgbtq.org.