CaptureThe Castro LGBTQ Cultural District Working Group is currently developing a plan and vision which will guide the organization going forward and help to establish priorities. This survey will help us identify the needs of the neighborhood, and how the resources provided from City Hall can best be put to use.


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• Cultural Heritage Conservation (previously referred to as Historic Preservation)
To preserve, promote and develop cultural and historic buildings, businesses, organizations, traditions, arts, events and district aesthetics.
• Tenant Protections
To protect tenants from displacement and promote affordable housing and homeownership.
• Arts and Culture
To attract and support artists and cultural enterprises that embody and promote the cultural heritage of the District.
• Economic and Workforce Development
To promote employment, tourism and economic opportunities that stabilize the District’s economy and its residents.
 Land Use
To create City regulations, tools and programs that support businesses and industries that advance the Cultural District.
• Cultural Competency
To promote culturally competent and appropriate City services, policies and narratives.