We are committed to ensuring that LGBTQ culture is centered in the Castro and this is especially relevant in our attempts to work with Another Planet Entertainment (APE) as they start their management of the Castro Theatre.  

We had one meeting with APE representatives, and though it was contentious and only an introduction, we are cautiously optimistic that they are curious and open to how we can center LGBTQ culture in the work to revamp the Castro Theatre.  While our specific requests are included in a letter sent to APE and the Nasser family on January 20, 2022, on a basic level we are asking for 1) written assurances that LGBTQ film and cultural event producers are able to afford to use the Castro Theatre beyond the next 12 months, 2) conversations about the intangible assets that are in danger of being lost if film repertory programming is ended at the theater, 3) modifications to the building are in accordance with preservation of the legacy of the historic Castro Theatre, and 4) safety and parking contingency plans are developed to mitigate the negative aspects of having large events in our district.  

We look forward to updating you with news on this when it is available.  Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved to help us in our efforts keeping the Castro Theatre safe and queer!  Here is an article from the SF Chronicle that has more information.  SF Chronicle Article. Here is a link to the open letter to APE.

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