The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District (CQCD) has released the Castro Representation and Experiences Survey. The aim of the survey is to gather information about LGBTQ+ community members’ experiences in the Castro District and explore perspectives about the rainbow flag that flies over Harvey Milk Plaza. The survey is collecting opinions about how community members may or may not feel appropriately represented by that flag and beliefs about the way the flagpole should be used.

A link to an electronic version of the survey will be accessible on the CQCD’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Over the next month, the CQCD will carry out a comprehensive and systematic distribution of the survey of both electronic and print versions into the community in order to ensure access and extensive and inclusive representation of LGBTQ+ community members.This is the survey link:

This survey was developed by Sacred Mitchell, of the Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency Committee of the CQCD Advisory Board, after in-depth research into the history of the flag, and the flagpole at Harvey Milk Plaza. This history and research helped to determine the survey focus and questions. The survey was developed with support from Dr. Jen Reck, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University. 

The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District’s mission is to preserve, sustain and promote the rich cultural legacy of the Castro and its significance to LGBTQ+ history and community through a commitment to equity and inclusion. 

This survey will collect information about community members’ experiences and opinions about representation in the Castro – this is to make sure that broad community opinion guides the Cultural District’s work. The survey was motivated by long standing community conversations and varying opinions around the use of the flagpole, as well as recent petitions conducted by community members regarding the flagpole’s use.

This information gathered from this survey will be used to help guide discussion at a community town hall meeting in September 2021 focusing on people’s feelings about neighborhood representation and the future of the flag in the plaza.

The Castro LGBTQ Cultural District Invites you to Share your thoughts and experiences about representation in the castro.

the information gathered will hel guide discussion for a town call in september 2021 centering on people's experiences about neighborhood representation and the future of the flag in the harvey milk plaza.

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